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Elektra Micro Casa

The Elektra espresso machines are well designed to give your home or any other interior an added classy touch. Besides the quality and long shelf life they are among best quality lever espresso machines on the market today.

elektra espresso machineThe Elektra Company manufactures the Elektra Espresso machines. Owned by Italy’s Fregnan family for over half a century, the company has maintained its commitment to giving its customers beautiful quality products.

Their philosophy of maintaining innovative craftsmanship has made Elektra an enduring brand name among espresso machine connoisseurs.

It is notable that every machine is rigorously tested non-stop for 48 hours before it is certified as worthy to be delivered to a customer. In addition, nearly 80% of Elektra machine parts are manufactured by the company itself.

You will immediately recognize Elektra’s Leading Line the Belle Époque. With its large cast aluminum raised ‘Elektra’ logo blazing across the back. The “K” in the name is formed into an outline of an eagle in flight.

Like many of the company’s other product lines, it has a specialized control system for each phase of the production process for each single machine.

All packaging for each single machine is checked and done manually in order to verify that each espresso machine is properly insulated from damage during shipping.

Elektra MicroCasa ART-S1CO Espresso Machine – Lever operated

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The Elektra MicroCasa ART-S1CO is certainly a machine developed for use at home, and it doesn’t generate a great deal of noise each morning!

The ART-S1CO boasts a stunning chrome and brass finish, wood handles and a brass eagle stationed over the dome to enhance the decor of your home.

This particular Elektra espresso machine comes with a spring inside the piston that delivers consistent pump pressure at each and every pull.

It features a water level sight glass which shows the amount of water inside the boiler.

And A pressure gauge that displays the amount of steam pressure within the boiler. So when the needle is within the green sector, it indicates the optimum time to extract espresso.

Elektra MicroCasa ART-SX Semiautomatic Espresso Machine

Microcasa Semiautomatica Commercial Espresso Machine Finish: Copper and Brass
  • Bakelite handle on portafilter wooden handle, as shown, is no longer on this model.

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The Elektra MicroCasa ART-SX is a superb, safeguarded solution to create great espresso. It offers a strong automatic pressure/temperature regulator along with an armor-plated, 800 watt heating element.

This kind of heat exchanger system gives the correct temperature in order to draw out the most delicious espresso drinks.

These Elektra espresso machines also come complete with a top-loading water container intended for simple re-fill and constant water delivery.

A three way solenoid valve is also fitted to reduce pressure on the group head once espresso extraction is finished.

This espresso machine comes complete with a long lasting brass boiler that gives very dry steam designed for frothing milk.

Elektra A1 – Mini Verticale Espresso Maker

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The Elektra A1 Mini Verticale is a stunning appliance that produces espresso as effectively as it seems. It extracts high quality espresso in coffee mode and has a steam function designed for creating cappuccino and latte drinks.

This Elektra espresso machine stands twenty-seven inches high and offers function touch keys on the left side. It also features a detachable drip tray and cover needed for simple maintenance tasks.

With copper body panels as well as a brass dome base with a clear coat finishing now means that it just needs to be wiped with a moist cloth after use.

This espresso maker also benefits from a three way solenoid valve which enables fast extraction of the porta-filter following espresso extraction.

Simply undo the retaining screw on the bracket and reservoir in order to take off the water tank.

Elektra Nivola Espresso Machine

Elektra Nivola Espresso Machine
The Elektra Nivola can make decent quality coffee and cappuccino all the time with zero experience required.

It automatically froths the milk when the heat range and steam pressure are actually at an accurate level.

And this espresso maker will go directly into stand-by mode when the water is not warm enough to make great coffee.

Furthermore, when there is zero water in the reservoir, a warning is provided and it stops all of functions till the reservoir is filled up.

The Nivola is simple to fill up, just raise the cup-heating grid plate and pour water into the reservoir. The Nivola espresso machine is available in colored or mirror-polished aluminum and is developed to operate with conventional ground coffee.

It features a plexi-glass cup covering dome, and the actual grids are made with corrosion resistant metal.

The Elektra Nivola espresso maker also features a warmed cup storage plate which is quite similar to the ones in commercial models.


Over the years this company has been very successful in manufacturing Elektra espresso machines that are much admired and loved by customers.

Elektra’s mission of providing quality products that are elegant and refined means that the company manufactures specific models to suit each establishment.

Besides the quality and long shelf life, the Elektra espresso machines are well designed to give your home or any other interior an added classy touch.

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