Gaggia Espresso Machine Range

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Gaggia espresso machine

The Gaggia brand is well-known for creating the quality and innovative Gaggia espresso machine. This Italian brand got its start in 1938 when Achille Gaggia patented the first electric pump driven system.

Gaggia Espresso MachineGaggia was an inventor who was driven by passion and inspiration, not unlike the Renaissance men before him.

The Gaggia espresso machines that you see today that bear the Gaggia name are created with that same passion and motivation, and it shows. The brand has dominated the Italian home espresso market in Italy, where the espresso was born.

These days it’s not uncommon to see a Gaggia coffee machine sitting on someone’s kitchen countertop. With sleek, stainless steel designs and such ease-of-use, the brand offers a lot to the budding barista.

The Gaggia espresso machine comes in a variety of models, each meant to fit a specific need.

For instance, there is the Gaggia 14101 Classic espresso machine.

The Gaggia 14101 Classic

gaggia 14101This Gaggia espresso machine is rated in the top three on our best pump espresso coffee machines. It is semi-automatic and comes in stainless steel.

The difference in this model is in the chrome plated brass brewing components that help to stabilize the unit’s temperature. There is a three way solenoid valve, a 1425 watt boiler, dual heating elements for when you have company and a commercial strength pump so that you can make espressos just like they do in your favorite java hut.

The frothing wand is very easy to use and there’s also a cup warmer so that your espresso is served at the correct temperature.

This Gaggia coffee machine, like most of the Gaggia brand, will make you feel like a professional. From the equipment to the ease of use to the finished product, it’s hard to beat this kind of quality in any at home brand… Read Full Gaggia 14101 Classic Review

Gaggia Baby Class

Gaggia Baby 12300Speaking of making two espressos at the same time, there is a new model on the market called the Gaggia Baby Class 12300.

The Gaggia Baby 12300 Gaggia espresso machine comes with a built in turbo frother that will allow you to steam or froth your concoction in a matter of seconds.

You also get a drink warmer so that your espresso is always at the right temperature.

But the fact that this model comes with dual elements and that it’s simple to clean, you just can’t beat it for the price.

The stainless steel design and dual espresso cup profile give it a professional look that will make it look very sharp on your counter top.

Gaggia Brera SuperAutomatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Brera Superautomatic Espresso MachineThe Gaggia Brera Superautomatic really is a nice super automatic espresso machine; it has a small foot print that could leave you with lots of countertop space.

The Italian Brera is carefully designed to optimize user efficiency. The dregs compartment, drip-tray and water tank are all accessible to the front of the appliance, just for simple and fast cleanup as well as maintenance.

Push button settings and an LED display using illuminated symbols ensure it is simple to navigate through the options, which are many on the Gaggia Brera.

Espresso aroma, strength, as well as volume can be customised. And the grinder will take advantage of the adapting system to adjust the revolutions per minute to ensure the correct amount of coffee grounds.

Gaggia 11400 Achille Lever

Achille Gaggia is recognized as being the founder of the modern espresso machine, and so the appliance that carries his name is not going to let you down.
Gaggia 11400 Achille Lever-Operated Espresso Machine
This unique vintage-looking Gaggia coffee machine is indeed a throwback, with a round body, stainless-steel housing, along with domed water tank, the Achille will certainly get a person’s attention.

Whenever friends see this unit in your home, they’ll instantly believe you’re an experienced Barista, and they had better be right. As being a direct lever espresso machine, this specific model is definitely not for novices.

You’ve got to learn how to grind, tamp, measure water as well as pull the actual lever using the optimal pressure..

So to operate your Achille you must raise the lever at the front on the appliance and a piston within the group will be brought up, enabling pressurized water to infuse coffee inside the filter holder.

Once you lower the lever, pressure will cause that piston to push water through the coffee and in to the cup.

If you have a Gaggia Achille on your countertop, it makes a strong declaration: you are serious about creating espresso. The Gaggia Achille is sold with both the double and single shot filter basket’s, as well as a tamper… Read Review

The Gaggia 12800 Semi-Automatic

Gaggia 12800 Semi-Automatic
This sleek, stainless steel Gaggia coffee machine offers excellent heat retention and a thick shot of cream in every drink.

Unlike most semi-automatic espresso machines, this Gaggia offers programmable buttons that allow you to control the dosage for single and double espresso shots.

You can make espressos, cappuccinos and lattes and there’s a frothing wand that you can use to foam and add steamed milk to perfect your newly brewed concoction.

This Gaggia espresso machine is very easy to use and will create the perfect espresso shot after shot. The price isn’t bad, either considering the quality you’re getting!


These are just a few of the espresso maker models available from the Italian Gaggia line. But if you take these as an example of what the brand offers, it’s no wonder why the Gaggia brand has cornered the espresso market in Italy and elsewhere.

If you are looking for a home espresso machine that will make it easy for the average person to create coffee-shop style beverages from the comfort of home, look no further. A Gaggia can make cappuccinos, lattes and you can steam or froth to your heart’s content. And then, when you’re finished, the machines are easy to clean.

The bottom line is that you cannot go wrong with a Gaggia. With so much quality and so many options for making your favorite drink, you only have to choose the model that’s right for you.

Hopefully, the models above give you some insight into the differences of each brand and how each one stands out. But as far as the price is concerned and the quality of the machine, there is a good reason why the Gaggia espresso machine comes very highly recommended.

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