Nespresso Essenza C100

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Nespresso C101 Essenza

The essence of coffee from the espresso to the lungo – this is the promise behind the Nespresso Essenza coffeemaker.

Nespresso Essenza

The question then is… Does it deliver considering that there are as many critics as there are fans of prepackaged coffee capsules? Let’s see the pros and cons of this coffeemaker and decide for ourselves.

By the way, we are reviewing the Nespresso Essenza C100 an automatic Pod Espresso Machine. Take note that there are many models in the Essenza line although it must also be said that the C100 shares many common features with its counterparts.

The main difference lies in the price point, water capacity and other features like auto shut-off and milk frothing capability.

Each box of the Essenza comes with the coffeemaker itself along with the accessories and the user manual. The coffeemaker, which has a body of stainless steel in Titan Gray, has the following technical specifications:

Update: This machine is not manufactured anymore, check out the latest Nespresso Machines.

Features and Specifications

  • Editors Rating – 4.5 Stars
  • Average Price – Est. $149
  • Machine Class – Automatic, Pod
  • Power – 1200 watts
  • Pump Pressure – 19 bars of pressure, which is considered a high-pressure pump in industry standards. It results in good pressure on the coffee pod, thus, boosting the flavours of the final beverage.
  • Water Tank Capacity – Removable 32-ounce water tank
  • Boiler – Thermoblock boiler facilitates the speedy heating up of water to the required temperature. In turn, the resulting beverage is served at the right temperature with the desired flavours.
  • Weight – 7 pounds
  • Dimensions – 7x12x10 inches
  • Warranty – 1 year parts and labour
  • Comes With – Programmable brew buttons for choosing either espresso or coffee. These buttons are highlighted by back lighting for easy operation even in dim conditions.

Nespresso C100T Essenza Espresso MachineAs previously implied, the Nespresso Essenza is a coffee pod coffeemaker. [amazon_textlink asin=’B0099HD3YA’ text=’The Nespresso pods can be found on Amazon’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’nutsaboutcoffeealb-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=”] and in the Nespresso official website with 12 choices in espresso and lungo.

The used pods are automatically ejected from the coffeemaker, which translates to easy, fast and convenient disposal of waste.

As for the accessories of the Essenza, it comes with the Nespresso Welcome Capsule Set as well as membership in the Nespresso Club.

Among the privileges of membership is a loaner machine in case the Nespresso Essenza malfunctions during the warranty period plus easy re-ordering of the coffee capsules.

The user manual is also included. Warranty period is one year on parts and labor.

The Essenza has no milk frother. If you want to make lattes, we suggest buying an Aeroccino Milk Frother for the purpose, or buy the Plus Aeroccino package.

Espresso Performance

Nespresso Essenza Plus AeroccinoWhen using the Nespresso Essenza for the first time, it is important to prime the coffeemaker before making the first cup of coffee.

Priming’s basic purpose is to remove the metallic taste from the coffeemaker that inevitably transfers into the final beverage. Basically, it involves lifting the lever at the coffeemaker’s top, pressing the coffee button and letting water flow from the spout.

Using the Essenza is easy if and when you have already used other Nespresso coffeemakers.

Just fill the water tank, place it on its proper slot in the coffeemaker, turn on the machine, and insert the coffee capsule. Push the lever, push the brew button and wait for the beverage to flow from the spout into the cup. Easy, fast and no hassles, indeed.

The high-pressure pump extracts the flavors down to the last possible drop while also imparting a smooth creamy feel to the liquid coffee. The Thermobloc boiler heats the water to the perfect temperature – between 187°and 196° Fahrenheit – so that the coffee grounds are brewed perfectly as well.

The Nespresso Essenza coffeemaker has the standard mechanism where the capsules are perforated automatically and the coffee beans are soaked optimally. The result is excellent coffee that can rival expensive gourmet coffee.

Clean Up

The Nespresso Essenza C100 is very easy to clean. You should brush the brew gasket after every use – or at least, once a day when you brew coffee several times daily.

You must also see to it that the water tank and the drip tray are cleaned with mild soap and water every few days.

Descaling is recommended every 2 to 3 months. If you are a member of the Nespresso Club, reminders will be provided when descaling time comes around.

Consumer Reviews

Consumers assert that the Nespresso Essenza C100 provides for tasty coffee in a dozen ways. It’s an easy, fast and convenient operation, a definite plus especially for busy individuals.


In conclusion, the Nespresso Essenza is worth the money paid for it. You may, however, want to purchase a milk frother if you want to go beyond the usual espresso and lungo, no matter that there are 12 flavors to choose from.

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