Nespresso D290 Concept

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Nespresso D290 Concept

Clean, sleek and stylish lines coupled with an incredibly simple coffee pod system – these words aptly describe the Nespresso D290 Concept coffeemaker.

Nespresso D290 Concept

We are inclined to agree with many satisfied consumers who assert that its concept is simple and yet beautiful at the same time – a beautiful work of art with the practical purpose of addressing our common need for delectable coffee.

Well, of course, there is still room for improvement in the Nespresso D290 such as the relatively high noise level. Still, this coffeemaker delivers good value for money but we are getting ahead of ourselves here.

The Nespresso D290 Concept has the following features and technical specifications:

Update: This machine is not manufactured anymore, check out the latest Nespresso Machines.

Features and Specifications

Nespresso Concept D290 Black

  • Editors Rating – 4.5 Stars
  • Average Price – Est. $190
  • Machine Class – Automatic, Pod
  • Power – 1260 Watts at 110 Volts
  • Pump Pressure – 19 bars of pressure pump
  • Water Tank Capacity – Removable 34-ounce water reservoir
  • Boiler – Electronic temperature regulation of the water via the Thermoblock boiler
  • Weight – 10 pounds
  • Dimensions – are 8 x 13.5 x 12 inches
  • Warranty – 1 year parts and labour
  • Comes With – Two programmable brew buttons

Each new purchase of the Nespresso D290 Concept also has the Welcome Capsule Set consisting of 12 coffee pods in various flavours. This way, you can immediately enjoy the great flavors of coffee upon opening the box.
Nespresso Concept D290 Red
As a privilege to all buyers of the Nespresso D290, automatic membership in the Nespresso Club is offered. One of its perks is easy ordering of the coffee pods, a loaner coffeemaker, and reminders for descaling.

We suggest ordering capsules as soon as possible as the wait times for delivery can be relatively lengthy. If you in a hurry then you can also order Nespresso Capsules online.

Take time to read the user manual. Most questions about the operation and maintenance of the Nespresso D290 Concept are discussed here.

Also, the Nespresso D290 has a 1200 watt power at 110 volts. If your area is of a different voltage, you may have to purchase an adaptor for its proper use.

Its body is a combination of plastic and stainless steel parts. Its dimensions are 8 x 13.5 x 12 inches and a weight of 10 pounds.

Espresso Performance

Nespresso D290 Capsule System
Like all the Nespresso coffeemakers, the Nespresso D290 Concept works on special coffee capsules made exclusively for the line.

The automatic extraction system controls almost every aspect of preparing the perfect espresso or lungo each and every time. Take note that the emphasis is on “almost every aspect” because you must still perform certain parts of the operation.

To be more specific, you have to prime the Nespresso D290 on its first use, which is just letting the water flow through the spout and removing the metallic taste. You should also place the water and the coffee pod in their appropriate receptacles and then press the brew button… So much work to do!

Beyond these manual operations, the Nespresso D290 performs all the work. The automatic tasks include puncturing the coffee pod, soaking the coffee grounds in hot water for brewing and then extracting the flavours, aromas and textures from the coffee grounds.

All you have to do is to wait for the brown beverage to flow from the spout – easy as can be.

Of course, all coffeemakers are judged by the quality of the coffee produced and the Nespresso D290 Concept is no stranger to the rule, so to speak. Does it deliver? Yes, it does but with the assumption that you know how to operate it in the first place.

A problem with the water temperature has been reported, especially in the final beverage. It seems this issue could be caused by the automatic frother. This is often resolved by simply cleaning the frother, the water reservoir and other parts of the Nespresso D290 Concept. The build-up of substances in the internal parts may be affecting their efficient operation.

Many consumers also feel that the plastic parts may not be as durable as the stainless steel components. Fortunately, this does not hold true where the Nespresso D290 is concerned. Even the buttons have a solid feel to them.

Plus, there’s also the noise level, which many customers say is on the loud side. All espresso makers make noises of varying decibels so this is also not a big deal.

As for the quality of the coffee, even a discriminating coffee connoisseur will find the coffee to be flavourful. Obviously, it is important to use the right cup for the espresso or you risk taking away the heat of the coffee and, with it, the delectable flavours.

Milk Performance

The D290 does have auto-frother to make foamed milk, but you may want to bypass it simply because the regular steam wand works fine and is much faster.

Clean Up

Cleaning the D290 is easy. Just remove the water tank and drip tray to wash these parts by hand every few days while descaling should be done every 2 months.

Consumer Reviews

Most buyers consider the Nespresso D290 Concept a good coffeemaker. Its issues of noise and water temperature are tolerable, even to be expected.


As was mentioned before, the Nespresso D290 Concept offers good value for your money. If it’s not to your liking, then there are always other Nespresso espresso machines to consider.

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