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La Pavoni Stradavari Espresso MachineIf you really love excellent espresso, the La Pavoni Stradavari looks simply stunning, with its sleek chrome and rosewood finish you’ll enjoy the best possible coffee you can imagine.

If you’re anything like me and simply won’t accept anything less than brilliant quality espresso from a quality lever espresso machine you just can’t go past the La Pavoni Stradavari. This stunning Italian coffee maker was apparently inspired by the famous Italian violin player, Antonio Stradavari.

Aside from being a gorgeous accessory for any kitchen countertop, this La Pavoni coffee machine does truly make a great espresso.

Stradavari Specifications and Features

The La Pavoni Stradavari does feature a solid 38-ounce brass boiler, plated in nickel for that stunning chrome finish. This should be enough to create sixteen 2-ounce cups of coffee easily. There is a built-in internal thermostat that lets you know on the easy-to-read gauge when the pressure is exactly right to pull the perfect shot of coffee every time.

There is also a dual cappuccino milk frothing system, so it should be easy to make two perfect lattes or two great cappuccinos at the same time easily.

Be aware this machine gets very hot during use. Fortunately, the creators at La Pavoni included black handles that always stay cool, no matter how hot the boiler gets. This makes it much easier to use without risking scalding or burns.

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Espresso Making Performance

Making a good cup of espresso is very easy with the Stradavari. This La Pavoni coffee machine uses steam to create pressure. Once the pressure has risen far enough, you simply pull the lever to release pressure through the puck, into the coffee, and out into your cup as the perfect cup of coffee.

La Pavoni Coffee MachineThe pressure gauge on the machine will let you know when the pressure is at the correct level. Just don’t let it get too high. If you inadvertently leave the machine on, the pressure will build.

You may also need to spend a bit of time experimenting and taste-testing different coffee beans and working out exactly how firmly to tamp down the grounds to suit your preferences.

You should also find that if you pause to let the first little dribble of coffee appear before you pull the shot, you’ll end up with a stunning golden crema that no automatic coffee machine on the planet can replicate.

Keep in mind that this La Pavoni coffee machine is specifically designed for those who really enjoy the pleasure of creating the perfect cup of coffee from scratch. It does take a little bit of patience to get the manual steps just the way you want your coffee, but it is truly worth every moment.

Milk Steaming Performance

The dual cappuccino milk frothing system is easy to use and creates brilliant froth every time. You’re able to make two cups of cappuccino at a time if you wish.

Clean Up

The simple, effective design makes this machine very easy to keep clean. Just keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to rinse the cappuccino attachment after every use. This will keep it clean and stop milk from solidifying or clogging up inside the nozzle.

La Pavoni Stradavari Options

8 Cup Chrome with Rosewood Handles

La Pavoni Stradavari Espresso Machine 8 Cup, Crome and Wood

16 Cup Chrome with Rosewood Handles

La Pavoni Stradavari 16 Cup, Crome and Wood


8-Cup Chrome with Black Handles

La Pavoni Stradavari Espresso Machine 8 Cup, Black Handles

16 CupChrome with Black Handles

La Pavoni Stradavari 16 Cup, Chrome with Black Handles


Consumer Reviews

I actually grinned when I read the huge variances in consumer reviews on Amazon for the La Pavoni Stradavari coffee maker. Users either seriously love this machine or they seriously hate it.

Of course, what made me smile was that the people who really love this espresso maker also love the ideal of making their own perfect cup of coffee. They took their time learning how to perfect the shot and to use the machine to its full capacity.

Those who hated the machine also hated the idea of “going to all that bother”. This tells me these people are probably better off with an automated espresso machine that even creates fake crema for them without any of the taste, aroma or appeal of a truly good espresso.

To date this machine has received 4 five star ratings on Amazon and averages 3.5 stars overall from a total of 7 La Pavoni Professional consumer reviews on Amazon.


If you’re like me and you really love excellent espresso, this La Pavoni coffee machine is the perfect machine. It looks simply stunning, with its sleek chrome and black finish, and if you’re willing to take the time to experiment with different coffee beans and techniques, you’ll enjoy the best possible coffee you can imagine.

Of course, if working through the steps involved in using a manual machine such as the La Pavoni Stradavari sounds too hard for you, there are plenty of good automatic espresso machines out there that might just make a decent cup of coffee too.

Where To Buy A La Pavoni Stradavari

Affiliate links / Our affiliate policy  /Last updated on 2021-04-11 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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