What Is The Best Coffee Scale – Buying Guide

What Is The Best Coffee Scale – Buying Guide

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Best Coffee Scale

Any coffee lover will be able to tell the difference between freshly brewed coffee and instant freeze-dried coffee. However, it takes a seasoned coffee hobbyist to be able to taste when their coffee has been properly weighed and measured on a coffee scale.

When you begin to notice that difference, it can be hard to settle for anything less than a cup of coffee that has been properly weighed out. This is why it is vital that you get a good quality coffee scale.

Otherwise, you could be on your way to trash espresso every single time – and no one wants that!

best coffee scale

Luckily for you, we have your back! We have found five of the best coffee scales so that you can have the perfect espresso each and every time.

Check them out below, and head on down to the end of the article for my informative buyers’ guide!

Best Coffee Scale Reviews

1. Raymeefa 22lb Digital Food Scale

Raymeefa 22lb Digital Food Scale, 1g/0.1oz Accuracy, Easy to use on Cooking Baking, Making Drinks, Tempered Glass, Weight Grams and Ounces Digital Kitchen Scale and Coffee Scale

Raymeefa’s digital scale has accuracy at its center, measuring at 0.1 grams accuracy. The sleek white design will look great in all kitchens, adding a dash of modern flair.

It is easy to operate with the touchscreen design and digital display. It features an on/off button, tare, and unit toggle so you can choose what suits you best.

Measure coffee to your heart’s content, as well as an array of other ingredients. Operated by batteries for true portability, whether around your kitchen or on the move if you have a coffee truck.

Truly, no kitchen or coffee shop will be complete without this versatile set of scales.


  • 0.1 gram accuracy to ensure that you get the perfect ratio every single time 
  • Tare button so you can reset your scale when you need to add in your water or ignore the weight on your cup or container 
  • Digital display for more precise readings 
  • Units can be changed based on the recipe you are following so you can take out the guesswork


  • It can sometimes take three or four times to get an accurate reading

Raymeefa 22lb Digital Food Scale, 1g/0.1oz Accuracy, Easy to use on Cooking Baking, Making Drinks, Tempered Glass, Weight Grams and Ounces Digital Kitchen Scale and Coffee Scale
  • 【Easy to Use & Clean】3 Key Operation Meet All Need, suitable size and compact design perfect for kitchen, high sensitive touch keys perfect for easy using, large LCD display perfect for easy reading, tempered glass countertop perfect for easy cleaning

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2. Powlaken Food Digital Kitchen Scale

No products found.

This stainless steel set of scales from Powlaken is a sleek, elegant design for any kitchen.

The LCD display makes it easy to read, and it is very versatile, due to being able to handle the smallest weights to more heavy duty products up to 3000 grams.

It is accurate and precise, making it perfect for measuring your coffee. It is battery operated, meaning you can transport it all over your kitchen (or anywhere else you may need it).

There is even a low battery display to alert you when you need to replace them – no more cutting out mid-weigh


  • Accurate up to 1 gram with 0.1 gram graduations to ensure that you can get precise measures of your coffee and water
  • Easy to clean so you can quickly mop up those ground coffee spillages
  • Versatile thanks to the plastic trays that are included so you can use it for more than just coffee
  • Tare button so you can press it to ignore the container weight or to weigh multiple items


  • It does not weigh in pounds, meaning you have to convert ounces into pounds if that unit is needed

No products found.

3. Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer, Black

This coffee scale was designed entirely for the purpose of measuring coffee. It comes with a drip timer as well as being totally accurate to the 0.1 gram.

This makes it the ideal scale for someone looking to expand their coffee experience even further. The sleek design makes it easy to clean and means that it fits in seamlessly to any kitchen design.

It is available in three different colors to suit your preferences. Battery operated to ensure it can be transported easily wherever you need to take it.

Perfect for the coffee aficionado who wants something a little more advanced than a regular scale.


  • Drip timer to get the perfect bloom for your coffee 
  • It measures accurately so that you can get a great ratio and the same results every single time 
  • No automatic shut down when the timer is on, even if it is idle so the weight never resets 
  • Tare capabilities so you can program it to ignore the weight of your cup for a more accurate reading


  • It can be a little slow in registering the weights in real time which can cause issues when you are adding water

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer, Black
  • Hario V60 drip coffee scale measures in 0. 1 gram increments for highest precision

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4. Apexstone Coffee Scale with Timer

Apexstone Coffee Scale with Timer,Coffee Scale with Timer Small,Pour Over Coffee Scale Timer,Coffee Scales with Timer,Espresso Scale with Timer(Batteries Included)

This versatile scale has five different units of measurement to suit your needs, no matter if they are coffee related or otherwise.

It has been designed with coffee making in mind and even has a timer so that you can time the drip times to perfect.

The scale can be read easily thanks to the LCD backlight, enabling you to measure your coffee before the sun is up, making it great for all those very early starts!

It is operated by batteries for ease of use, wherever you are. Great value option for coffee newbies and seasoned espresso enthusiasts alike.


  • Timer to ensure perfect brew every time 
  • Five units of measurement so you can change it up based on the recipe you are following, taking out the pesky guesswork 
  • Super accurate, progressing in 0.1 gram intervals for the greatest precision 
  • Silicone mat cover to ensure your coffee cannot be easily spilled and protecting the scale


  • There is some lag and unresponsiveness which can be annoying if you are measuring out a lot of coffee in one go

Apexstone Coffee Scale with Timer,Coffee Scale with Timer Small,Pour Over Coffee Scale Timer,Coffee Scales with Timer,Espresso Scale with Timer(Batteries Included)
  • ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS: High precision sensors to ensure a accurate measurements from 0.1 oz /1 g to 3000g/ml, 5 different units of measurement in OZ, LB,G,ML,G/ML

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5. TIMEMORE B22 Digital Coffee Scales

TIMEMORE 2020 Old Version Digital Espresso Coffee Scales Kitchen Scales with Auto Timing, 2000 Grams ,Black

This eco friendly coffee scale features a rechargeable lithium battery that promises 10 hours of power in every use! This is perfect for the eco friendly espresso enthusiast in your life.

Coffee can be measured accurately, and you can even time the drip for that perfect bloom.

This versatile, compact scale can be stored neatly away until needed, but will not look out of place on your worktop thanks to its sleek design.

A great alternative to more expensive scales such as the Acacia, but for a fraction of the price!


  • The auto timer allows you to get the perfect cup of joe every single time
  • Accurate measures that go up in 0.1 gram increments for precision
  • The scale will never turn off when the timer is used, so you do not need to worry about your drip being interrupted


  • Using the tare setting can add weight, rendering the overall weight inaccurate and often requiring you to reweigh your coffee

TIMEMORE 2020 Old Version Digital Espresso Coffee Scales Kitchen Scales with Auto Timing, 2000 Grams ,Black
  • 1. The scale only measures in grams. The measuring precision of the scale is ±0.5g within a range of 0.5g-500g, ±1g within a range of 500g-1000g, ±3g within a range of 1000g-2000g. The initial minimum weight is 0.5g, the maximum load weight is 2kg. SIZE: 150mm*130mm*26mm (around 5.90in* 5.12in * 1.02in). The scale itself weighs 380g. As weighing and displaying are on the same plane, the reaction may delay a bit when you press.

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Buyer’s Guide


You need to ensure that your scale is totally accurate, preferably to 0.1 grams. This will ensure that you get the most accurate weight possible. Weighing in grams will always give you a more accurate measure than volume (such as cups) would give you. 

There are also options to get smart scales that can weigh with 0.01 gram accuracy. These are the best choice for professionals or serious hobbyists as they give no lag and the best accuracy possible. 

If pour-over is more your thing, rather than espresso-making, then it is less important to have an accuracy of 0.1 grams. You may even be able to get away with just a general set of kitchen scales. 


A timer is not a necessity, but it may be something to consider if you are a pour-over fan looking to play around and experiment with interval timings. 

Typically, coffee scales with a built in timer can read from around 0.5 to 1 gram up in 0.1 gram intervals. This level of accuracy is appealing to many. However, if you are not too bothered about this, you can simply use a timer on your smartphone. 


Digital scales are far more accurate than analog scales, and much better suited to the low weights needed for espresso making. 

They allow for more precision and can have capabilities that allow for around 0.1 gram accuracy, and even 0.01 gram accuracy in smart scales.

You can also get digital scales for a low price tag these days, so you can easily get some great scales on whatever budget you have. Of course, the lower the price tag on the scales, the less accurate they are likely to be. However, for your-over lovers, they can be a great option, because accuracy is not as huge a deal. 

If accuracy is your main concern, then invest in a high-quality set of digital scales. 

Tare button

A tare button can be pressed to allow you to go straight back to zero when you have weighed out something and want to add something else to the top to be weighed.

By this, we mean that you can weigh out your ground coffee in your container, then you can keep said container on there. You then press the tare button and you can add your water to the same container to be weighed, without the already weighed grounds affecting the figure. 

Essentially, you can weigh coffee, then water, all in the same container. Cool, right? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need a coffee scale?

You need a coffee scale to get the most accurate measure of coffee and water possible when you are making your espresso. It takes out the guesswork that you encounter when you use scoops and allows you to have full control over your drinks, making the perfect espresso every single time

They are not just for baristas and professionals, though. Everyone can make use of this predictability in regard to ratio and weight. You can use them at home for your morning brew, or to experiment on a Sunday, making delicious espresso drinks.

How do you scale coffee?

Scaling coffee basically means weighing it out. To do this you need to set up your digital scale, setting it to zero or pressing the tare button. Set your container or cup onto the scale and press tare again to set it back to zero. You can then weigh out the desired amount of coffee.

For example, if you need 40 grams, go ahead and weigh out that amount. Don’t worry about the weight of the container or cup, because pressing the tare button makes allowances for this so it will not affect the coffee weight. 

Can you use a food scale for coffee?

Yes, you can use a food scale for coffee! Provided the scale measures accurately and has a tare button, any scale will work just fine. 

Of course, you may well find that a scale dedicated to coffee weighing will be a little more accurate. This is because there are many devices with capabilities that are better suited to weighing these small amounts with precise accuracy compared with larger food scales which may not need the same level of accuracy. 

Many scales are offering accuracies of 0.1 grams, and even 0.01 grams. However, if you are just beginning your home coffee brewing journey, then a regular food scale will do just fine. 

Do you weigh coffee before or after you grind it?

Technically you can weigh your coffee either before or after it is ground. However, in our opinion, you should always weigh it before it is ground. This way you will weigh out only what you need.

It is also quicker and easier. Weighing after it is ground can be quite complicated, as well as being messier. 

Why do baristas weigh coffee?

Baristas weigh coffee to control the evenness of the extraction (coffee compared to water). It also helps them to make sure that each and every shot of espresso is the same. This means that each customer will have an equally delicious shot (or two, or three) of espresso in their drinks. 

You can rest assured that, if you see a barista weighing out every single espresso, then you are in the good hands of someone who knows what good coffee should taste like.

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