La Pavoni PBB 16

La Pavoni Coffee Maker PBB-16

The Professional La Pavoni coffee maker PBB-16 makes true quality espresso and is built to last. The high quality materials, and the stunning design is also a great complementary accent to any kitchen decor. When I first set out to research the best coffee makers, I wasn’t really sure what …

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La Pavoni Stradavari

La Pavoni Stradavari Coffee Machine

If you really love excellent espresso, the La Pavoni Stradavari looks simply stunning, with its sleek chrome and rosewood finish you’ll enjoy the best possible coffee you can imagine. If you’re anything like me and simply won’t accept anything less than brilliant quality espresso from a quality lever espresso machine …

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La Pavoni Stradavari

The Best Lever Espresso Machines

Lever espresso machines hearken back to the original espresso making experience where you are involved in every single step of the process. Here we nail down the best manual espresso machines on the market today.   So, How Does This Manual Espresso Machine Work? For true espresso connoisseurs, there’s often …

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