The 3 Best Prosumer Espresso Machines

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Prosumer Espresso Machines

Are you looking for a professional espresso machine? Are you tired of buying espresso outside of the home and want to make one yourself? Today we will be taking a look at the best prosumer espresso machines on the market today.

Prosumer Espresso Machines

These machines are more expensive than the usual types of espresso machines and definitely, a step up from best high street coffee machines, they have a commercial espresso machine build quality but are intended for at home use to create delicious espresso.

1.Bezzera BZ10 Espresso Machine

Bezzera BZ10 Espresso Machine

The first professional coffee maker up for review is the Bezzera BZ10 Espresso Machine.

Bezzera is a well known manufacturer of espresso machine that creates high quality products to ensure a high-quality blend of espresso for the consumer. They have a great customer service department in case anything goes wrong.

This is the most affordably priced espresso machine option on our list today, but is still quite the financial investment (as we touched on before). Since it is cheaper, we want to make sure it comes equipped with a lot of features that competes with more expensive professional espresso machines.

The Bezzera BZ10 Espresso Machine comes completed in a AISI 304 stainless steel of the highest commercial grade. It also has a beautiful look that is enhanced by its Italian styling.

What makes this BZ10 so special is that the new group head on the product is designed to stabilize the temperature in the best way possible. The head is heated by two heating elements that are controlled by a thermostat. This allows the temperature to stay at the perfect level while creating an espresso.

The entire machine brews in a 1.5 liter boiler that is equipped with a heat exchange. This means the device can actually brew and steam at the same time. It also has a high limit switch that shuts off all power if it reaches 266 degrees, to prevent an overheating damage.

The Nistla plated boiler meets all the NSF standards to ensure your espresso is safe to drink. After the espresso is brewed, excess water drips down a three way valve to the drip tray.

Up to 600 ml of consistent steaming can be handled with a small recovery time of 40 seconds. The water reservoir can hold up to three liters, a lot for an at home machine. The entire device measures 9.8 by 14.7 by 16.7 inches and weighs 42 pounds.

Bezzera BZ10 Espresso Machine
  • Beautiful and durable, the BZ10 is housed in AISI 304 commercial grade polished stainless steel with traditional Italian styling.

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2. ECM Technika IV Profi Switchable Espresso Machine

ECM Technika IV Profi Switchable Espresso Machine

The second prosumer espresso machine up for review is the ECM Technika IV Profi Switchable Espresso Machine.

This is the most expensive product on our list today, as we wanted to give you a wide variety of brands and pricing. ECM is another great manufacturer that boasts high quality products that make some of the finest espresso on the market today.

Since this is in a higher price than the previous two models, we want to make sure it delivers more features to justify its high price point.

The ECM Technika IV Profi Switchable Espresso Machine has an incredible look, designed to make it look straight out of the 1960’s.

It was made in Northern Italy, with the original design for it coming from Bezzera (yes the same company as Product 1) but branded as ECM in Germany.

There is a lever installed on the grouphead so you can already infuse the coffee with water taken from the heat exchanger.

The valve technology on this machine is of the highest quality and can be put on a fully on or off position to ensure it is not wasting energy.

The device measures 18.6 by 12.7 by 15.2 inches and weighs approximately 60 pounds. This is not to be used professionally, but is a semi-professional device for use at the home.

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3. Expobar Lever Semi-Auto Espresso Machine

Expobar Lever Semi-Auto Espresso Machine

The final professional espresso machine that we will be taking a look at is the Expobar Lever Semi-Auto Espresso Machine.

Expobar is another well-known manufacturer of these types of machines. On our list today we have selected only the leading providers of espresso machines that you can definitely rely on.

Each of them, especially Expobar, makes durable products that will last you a long time. With well known brands like these, they have great customer service as well in case anything goes wrong, as well as great warranties in case you get a defect product.

This specific Expobar product is a bit pricier than the previous Bezzera product, but not by much.

The Expobar Lever Semi-Auto Espresso Machine uses the E61 Brew Group, and runs on a boiler system that uses heat exchange, so you don’t have to ever wait for steam.

It is made completely out of stainless steel that is strong and durable to last a long time in your home.

It is installed with an elite portafilter to give you the best way to extract espresso. The boiler, made out of brass, measures 12 ounces so you can brew a lot of shots of espresso with a small recovery time. The machine itself weighs 62 pounds.

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If you are looking for a great prosumer espresso machine, all three of the devices listed above are some incredible options.

They each have their own unique design, their own features, but have one thing in common: they make delicious espresso.

Having a professional espresso machine in a home is a fantastic addition, as it is a great way to entertain guests and to help digestion after a meal.

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